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May 16 2018

How To Cover Your Classic / Collector Vehicle

Vintage and classic cars can be like babies for some people, and need to be protected as such. Although, often times vintage cars aren’t driven frequently it is still a good idea to get them properly insurance. Any time a vehicle is driven on the roadways of cities and towns, owners are required by law to carry at least minimum liability coverage. The older vehicles get, as long as they are in good condition, the more money they are worth. You don’t want someone breaking in and stealing your baby and not have coverage.

Get classic vehicle insurance to secure your collector's car!

Vintage cars, also known as collectors, antiques, or classic vehicles have a couple different policy options, beside the traditional types of coverage, when it comes to being protected and insured. The different coverage options are Collector's Insurance or Classic Automobile Insurance. 

Collector's Insurance
This type of policy takes your uhome insurance policy to a whole new level. Often times people rely on their homeowner's insurance to cover the loss of their collector or antique items, however these plans don’t typically cover everything. If something important is lost from damage to your collector vehicle or if certain natural disasters create damage, it is likely homeowner's insurance policy won’t cover this kind of loss.

Classic Car Insurance
This type of coverage is generally a cheaper type of policy than the collector's insurance policy. And is basically only designed to cover the car's cash value amount. If the car is lost, stolen or damaged it will only cover up to the appraised cash value of the vehicle.

If you are currently, or thinking about becoming, the owner of a classic vintage or collectible car then make sure you fully protect your investment by having it properly insured.


Comparing Auto Insurance Rates - Who Has The Best Deals?

Before you settle for a particular car insurance policy, you should compare policies along with the prices of the various different car insurance companies. Car insurance is mandatory in all states since it ensures protection on the road. The insurance industry is very competitive - the companies are always trying to attract new customers using various ways. However, it depends upon your needs to which policy will suit you the best.

How to get the best deal on motor vehicle insurance? 

To get the best deal, you need to compare automobile insurances of the various companies. What you have to do is gather as many quotes possible from the different companies then make a comparison between them. The comparison will help you to understand how different car insurance companies provide different premiums for the same coverage. 

Most car insurance companies would ask for details like name, zip code and a few more details about the car and your driving record. When you are making comparison between policies, you must look out whether the companies are offering incentives or not. Do not forget to compare the risk coverage (high, standard, non-standard, etc.) and prices as well. 

Here are some tips that would help you to make automobile insurance comparison easy: 

Understanding your car insurance needs 

The first and foremost tip to be considered is why you need ca rinsurance coverage. This will be followed by what kind of policy you need, or what will the cover will be. The choice of policy will also depend on reasons like new or experienced driver, incidents like fire, burglary, roadside assistance, as well as many others. 

Picking the right Insurance company 

Your choice of insurance company should depend on its history of credit and record of claims repayment. You must also look for the customer service features provided like call center, payment facilities, and network of agents. 

Car insurance comparisons should be made to choose the policy that will cover most of your risks at the minimum costs. The other important thing that you will look for is the added advantages provided, without any increase in the price.
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Saving on car insurance in this economy

To save money, looking for cheaper car insurance options are becoming more popular in today’s economy. Cutbacks are the only option left to everyone to fight the financial crisis. Carrying cheaper insurance is one of the best options to help save you more. This simple change can help you save as much as $500 to $800 a year and without even compromising with your coverage.

Some insurance companies may charge you more by merely combining different types of coverage and increasing the overall policy price. In order to avoid such circumstances you should compare various quotes to get yourself the cheapest insurance. 

Online quote comparison tools can also provide you with a cheap car insurance quote, as they possess a special authority to negotiate with several quality companies to negotiate the best rates. They will not only provide the cheapest deal but may also provide some valuable advice about the way to lower the premium as well. You can know all about the cheaper rates without spending a lot of your time with an agents.

How to keep the premium of your policy down:

If you can raise the deductible from $200 to $500, you will save at least 30% of the premium. Moreover, increasing it to $1000 can cut your premium in half.

The cost of the premium also depends on the type of car you drive. The difference may range to $1,000 a year.

If your car possesses air bags, anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts and other safety features then you will receive discount rates from the insurance companies.

Exclude medical insurance or PIP from the auto insurance coverage if you posses it separately.

How to find the best deal

Ensuring a super cheap insurance needs little bit of effort from your side. You should never be over dependent on a particular agent. Therefore, comparing and shopping is of great use. It helps you to stay updated about the latest insurance deals and coverage easily. Numerous insurance companies provide online quotes - receive them and compare. In addition, it also helps you give a break from the obligation. All you need to do is log-on to an online auto insurance quote comparison tool and enter some of your basic information in their online form and they will do the searching and comparing for you. After just a couple minutes they will provide you with the best up-to-date car insurance rates available to you from the industry leaders. This will ensure you to get the best value for your money without compromising on coverage.

Are you covered if you lend your car to a friend? Or if you borrow your friend's car?

Are you covered if you lend your car to a friend? Or if you borrow your friend’s car?

Car insurance is a good idea for many reasons, especially emergencies. The theme of insurance is to prepare for the unexpected. Emergencies are no different. You never know what is going to happen, so it is always a good idea to be prepared for anything.

Sticking with the theme of the unexpected, it is important to have car insuranceincase someone needs to borrow your vehicle. It’s quite possible…

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May 10 2018

Is Your Car Insurance Expensive With No Accident History? Here’s Why

Is Your Car Insurance Expensive With No Accident History? Here’s Why

Some drivers pay way too much for car insurance – even when they have no accident history.

There are a number of reasons why you could be paying expensive car insurance prices. Sometimes, there are legitimate reasons – like bad credit scores or a high-risk demographic. In other cases, someone has stolen your identity and abused it – and now you’re paying more for car insurance.

Why is your car…

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The Top Factors That Determine the Price of Your Car Insurance Policy

Insurance companies provide a quote based on a number of different factors. Here are some of the crucial factors that determine the price you pay for car insurance:

What You Drive: Your vehicle plays a major role in the price of your car insurance. Some vehicles have better safety ratings than other vehicles. Some vehicles are cheaper to repair. Some vehicles have 2WD systems that can be repaired for half the price of 4WD systems. Common vehicles – like a Honda Civic – are typically cheaper to repair than rare or exotic vehicles.

Your Policy: Are you choosing a basic liability policy? Or are you choosing a policy with all of the bells and whistles? Insurance policies vary widely in terms of coverage. The better you’re covered, the more you’ll pay.

Your Deductible: Would you rather pay $1,000 or $500 for your deductible? Nobody plans on getting into an accident. However, you may be able to significantly reduce the cost of your car insurance by raising your deductible. You’ll pay more if you need to make a claim – but you might come out ahead if you don’t make a lot of claims.

Your Location: Drivers in urban areas are more likely to get into an accident than drivers in rural areas. Certain areas have high vandalism and vehicle theft rates. Certain states have high insurance costs for any number of different reasons – from bad winter weather to a high rate of claims.

Looking for cheap car insurance quotes? Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for, you can find it online at Insurance Panda, along with answers to common questions about car insurance. The popular online comparison website makes it easy to shop for car insurance quotes in minutes online. You can avoid manually checking car insurance quotes from 30 different providers. Instead, you can instantly check quotes from multiple insurance companies from a single online form. Visit Insurance Panda online today for more information.

May 08 2018

What are the cheapest types of cars to insure?

What are the cheapest types of cars to insure?

Love that hot little sports car, but do not feel so in love with the cost of insuring it? You are not alone, people all over the country are switching to more economical vehicles in an effort to save money on insurance. Shopping for a lower rate on certain cars can feel like a futile effort because some vehicles statistically carry more risk. Lowering your insurance rate by getting a vehicle that…

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May 06 2018

Motorhome / RV Insurance

For the traveler who lives life on the road, a recreational vehicle (RV) can be ideal instead of paying for expensive food and hotel rooms. An RV can be a home away from home, but will the car insurance cost more than desired? What types of automobile insurance are available?

Types of Insurance for Motorhomes

Total loss replacement is available for RV owners who want to be prepared for anything. The name says it all. If you lose everything, this type of insurance will see that you get everything back including equipment or if you have an older RV you will receive a cash payout equal to the price of the motorhome and its contents.

Emergency expense coverage covers any problems you may have while traveling for leisure. Temporary living conditions, transportation, and other reasonable expenses will be provided for you with this type of coverage.

Tow or companion vehicle insurance includes an emergency hotline available 24 hours. If you need to be towed at any time for any reason, you can call and this type of insurance covers you and the hotline will take care of everything. This coverage includes towing the companion vehicle attached to the RV.

Specialty coverage is absolutely necessary if you live in your motor home full time. Certain companies will design a policy to meet your insurance needs. This coverage is very desirable in case of property damage or personal damage. Medical expenses can also be covered as well as coverage for bodily injury and accident coverage.

Also types of insurance to look into would be accessories coverage, high liabilities limits, fire, flood, vandalism, and theft coverage, as well as personal items replacement.

Common Misconceptions

The truth is that your RV cannot be covered well by an auto policy. Auto policies do not cover any personal items that may be in the RV. Also, auto policies often will not cover an RV when it is parked somewhere and used as a residence instead of a vehicle. In addition, auto policies will not cover accessories that are damaged such as awnings, antennas, satellite dishes, accessories, and rooftop air conditioners.

Another misconception is that homeowner’s policies will cover the personal property in the RV. Just as auto insurance does not cover many things, homeowners insurance tightly restrains the coverage for items that are off the property and premises.

Yet another misconception is that a motor home is essentially the same thing as a private passenger vehicle. However, cars do not carry 100 pounds of gas, 300 gallons of water, and 200 gallons of wastewater. Also, cars do not carry refrigerators, tvs, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, ovens, or other such necessary items while on the road.

Motorhome Insurance Premiums

Some of the same factors that are taken into account for automobile insurance are considered for motorhome insurance as well as a few additional factors such as:

  • the age of an RV
  • the size of the motorhome engine
  • the insurance history of the RV driver
  • the age of the driver
  • the experience of the driver
  • the make and model of the RV
  • the amount of miles
  • the place of storage
  • whether the RV is tagged electronically
  • overseas coverage
  • replacement vehicle coverage
  • glass and windshield coverage
  • contents insurance

The motorhome insurance available is very broad and covers a wide range of needs. Look for an affordable price that covers the most possible. Of course, premium discounts will be available for qualifying drivers.

Saving Money

If you are looking to save money, only insure the basics. Also, make sure that you fit your RV with an alarm or have it electronically tagged. You can also get some discounts if you are members of certain clubs or organization. Be sure to shop around and get at least 3 quotes from different providers so that you can compare the different policies and the benefits. Also, consider increasing your excess so that your premium may drop lower.


Recreational vehicle insurance is not the same as car insurance and should not be treated as such. Shop around to find the best deal with the most coverage. No one desires unwanted surprises while vacationing in an RV.

Can I Afford High Risk Auto Insurance?

Are you wondering how you can afford high risk auto insurance? Everyone needs auto insurance if they are driving a vehicle on a public road. In fact, it is typically illegal to go for an extended period of time without having insurance on your car. Insurance can be expensive, depending on many factors. Let’s first take a look at what exactly can make you a high risk driver. Then you can figure out what you can do to avoid paying too much for your auto insurance.

The first would be your driving record. While this seems to be a pretty basic concept, many people do not realize that it’s not only accidents that can cause you to need high risk auto insurance. Your personal information is the first thing that all insurance companies look at when they are considering you for an insurance policy. Your age and gender are two other things they look at.

Those who are under a certain age are automatically considered to be high risk drivers. Depending on the company, this may be for people 24 and under to those that are 21 and under. After the person hits a certain age, their insurance will drop. Your location is another big factor in how your auto insurance is determined. If you live in a high crime area, then you are sure to be charged more to have insurance. That is because some areas have a higher theft rate for vehicles than others.

There are many factors that you really cannot avoid, such as age and location. However, there are other things that can cause you to need high risk insurance. Things such as receiving a DUI, speeding tickets and at-fault accidents can cause your insurance to skyrocket. A lot of people do not look at the big picture when they are driving, and ignore this. But can you afford to have high risk auto insurance? You will have to if you have a lot of accidents, tickets or DUIs on your record, or a combination of both. Be warned though- auto insurance can double if your insurance company realizes that you are such a high risk by looking at your record.

Being consistent is another way to keep you out of the high-risk range. If you have not had insurance coverage for months on end, then a company may not cover you. They may think you have been driving illegally without insurance, or that you were dropped from another company. Another factor is your credit history. This will have an effect on your insurance as well. If you have bad credit, the company will think that you may be a high risk to them when it comes to paying the bill. Keep your credit score as high as possible, or you will be looking at higher than average insurance coverage.

If you have to get high risk auto insurance, then you will want to know where to look for it. The Internet is the very best place to start your search. Comparing quotes online s is the best way to get insurance no matter what, because you can get many quotes from different companies and compare them side by side. You will have to fill out a simple form to send in, via the Internet, and simply sit back and wait for the quotes to come in. Remember; do not omit any information, such as a speeding ticket or accident. It will be in your records no matter how much you try to avoid it.

If you cannot afford high risk auto insurance, you may want to consider trading your car in. If you drop down to an older, used model, you will be able to get away with minimum coverage. This is known as liability. Liability is the least amount of coverage that is allowable by state law, and only covers the person or vehicle that you get into an accident with. It will not cover damage to you or your car, so bear that in mind. However, if you cannot afford the high risk auto insurance you have now, this may very well be your best option.

The best bet is to drive safely, obey all traffic laws and wait out any violations or accidents. If you have to pay high risk auto insurance, you will eventually be able to get your rates lowered. Simply be the best driver possible to get better insurance later on. Being a high risk driver does not have to last forever, no matter how hard it is at the moment.

May 03 2018

New Car Replacement Insurance: Is It Worth It?

New car insurance is a unique type of insurance policy that will replace the value of your vehicle after an accident.

If your car gets totaled in an accident, for example, then your insurance company will send you a check for the value of the car. Here’s where the problem occurs: a new car is worth significantly more money on the lot than it’s worth when you drive it off the lot.

You might have paid $60,000 for a brand new truck, for example, but the value drops to $48,000 the moment you drive it off the lot.

What happens if you get in an accident on the way home? The insurance company might value your truck at only $48,000 – even though you just paid $60,000 for it! That’s where new car replacement insurance comes into effect.

New car replacement insurance is a special policy only offered by some insurers. If your 1-3 year old car is totaled in a collision, then this insurance policy will buy a new car of the same make and model of your totaled vehicle.

Insurance experts at InsurancePanda.com warn drivers to be careful when shopping for new car replacement insurance. Sometimes, these policies are totally pointless. In other cases, they can provide surprisingly good value. The different, as you might expect, comes down to your unique situation.

In general, new car replacement insurance only applies to a small number of vehicles and drivers. It’s always only available on newer vehicles, for example. In fact, most insurance companies won’t offer new car replacement insurance on vehicles more than 12 to 24 months old.

Check insurance prices using a car insurance comparison website like Insurance Panda today. Compare prices from leading providers in your area, then decide if new car replacement insurance is worth the added expense. Read more here on new car replacement insurance.

May 01 2018

How to Buy Car Insurance for the Very First Time

So you’re a brand new driver and you need to buy car insurance. Shopping for car insurance might seem like an intimidating process – but it’s probably easier than you think! Today, the internet has plenty of online resources available to drivers across America. Within minutes, you can shop for the cheapest car insurance in your state, then request an individualized quote from a company near you.

Here’s the basic process you can use to buy car insurance for the very first time:

Step 1) Visit an auto insurance comparison website like InsurancePanda.com

Step 2) Enter your ZIP code to instantly view quotes from auto insurance providers in your region

Step 3) Pick the quote of a car insurance company that meets your needs, then enter more specific information about yourself, your vehicle, and your driving habits to get a personalized quote

Step 4) Purchase your car insurance policy and start driving!

Buying car insurance doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Today’s car insurance comparison websites like Insurance Panda make comparing car insurance a no-brainer. You don’t have to individually request quotes from 10 different insurance companies in your local area, nor do you have to deal with pushy insurance salespeople. Instead, you can shop for car insurance entirely online with no risk, no cost, and minimal hassle.

If this is your first time buying car insurance, then you might end up paying significantly higher rates than someone who has a continuous history of being insured. Insurance companies like to reward drivers who have a long, unbroken history of ordering car insurance. Fortunately, this insurance hit won’t be too significant if you have a clean driving history. You can also lower costs even further by carefully comparing car insurance quotes using a car insurance comparison website.

April 27 2018

Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit?

So you’re broke – but you need to drive a car. In order to legally drive a car, you need insurance. But you’re broke.

What’s the solution here?

You may be tempted to search online for cheap car insurance with no deposit. At first glance, you’ll see thousands of search results that claim to be advertising cheap car insurance without a deposit. In reality, however, none of these websites are telling the truth.

The truth is: it’s impossible to get cheap car insurance with no deposit. You always need to pay a deposit on your car insurance.

Sometimes, that deposit is as low as just one or two months of insurance payments. If you’re getting the cheapest possible plan (without collision or comprehensive coverage), then that deposit could be very small – at least compared to a larger insurance policy.

The reason you need to pay a deposit is simple: until you pay something to your insurance company, your policy is not considered active. That initial payment is required in order for your insurance policy to be active. Until you pay that deposit, your car insurance doesn’t actually provide protection for your vehicle. It’s not a loophole or a stupid rule: it’s a core part of insurance law.

It’s impossible to get cheap car insurance with no deposit. It simply doesn’t exist in the legal world of vehicle insurance. However, you can still get cheap car insurance with a small deposit. Use an insurance search portal like InsurancePanda.com to get the best rates on car insurance in your local area. You can view a range of quotes from insurance companies serving your area – including the cheapest barebones car insurance policies and the bells-and-whistles plans that come with comprehensive coverage. Visit Insurance Panda online today to get started. It takes just a few minutes – and it can lead to big savings.

April 23 2018

Check Auto Insurance Prices Today on InsurancePanda.com

Insurance Panda is the internet’s leading auto insurance comparison website. Over the years, Insurance Panda has built a reputation for providing no-nonsense auto insurance quotes to drivers in all 50 states. In fact, Insurance Panda likes to claim they make shopping for insurance so easy – it’s black and white.

Drivers can visit Insurance Panda online today at InsurancePanda.com to access instant quotes from the nation’s leading insurance companies. Insurance Panda connects with small and large insurance companies across the United States to provide quotes that meet your unique needs. Choose the cheapest insurance quotes that get you on the road as quickly as possible. Or, compare rates on comprehensive policies that provide complete coverage for your vehicle. Thanks to Insurance Panda, drivers have been able to save hundreds of dollars on their annual car insurance costs.

You don’t need to enter any personal information to check car insurance prices on InsurancePanda.com. Just type in your ZIP code and instantly view rates from top insurers in your area. If you want to get personalized quotes from any of the listed insurers, then you can enter more personal information to get an exact quote.

Insurance Panda doesn’t directly provide insurance to drivers; instead, the website simply offers no-cost, no-risk insurance comparisons to drivers across America. You can view the best quotes from the nation’s leading insurance companies. Whether you need truck insurance, car insurance, or any other type of vehicle insurance, you can rely on Insurance Panda to meet your unique needs.

Not ready to request car insurance quotes? That’s okay! Insurance Panda also offers complete informational auto insurance resources from across the insurance industry. Rely on Insurance Panda’s experts to answer any questions you might have – like why insurance is more expensive in certain states or why some drivers pay so much for car insurance even with a clean driving record. Visit InsurancePanda.com today for all your car insurance quote needs.


Compare Car Insurance Prices for Free Today at InsurancePanda.com

InsurancePanda.com is America’s new favorite way to compare auto insurance quotes online. Available at no-cost, the website provides easy-to-understand insurance quote comparisons. Just enter your ZIP code into the website and within seconds you’ll be viewing the best quotes offered by top auto insurance companies in your local area.

Whether you just moved to a new state, you’re buying car insurance for the first time, or you’re checking the latest prices on car insurance, you can depend on InsurancePanda.com to offer no-nonsense rate comparisons. Thanks to Insurance Panda, checking prices online has never been easier.

Insurance Panda gets its name because it makes car insurance easy: the website makes insurance comparisons so easy – they’re black and white. Even a panda could use InsurancePanda.com to check prices on car insurance.

There are plenty of car insurance websites available online today. However, Insurance Panda differentiates itself from the competition with its ease of use and lack of bias: Insurance Panda will provide quotes from small and large car insurance companies in your area. Instead of pushing you to choose one specific company, you can choose whatever company meets your needs best. Insurance Panda is also ridiculously easy to use: unlike other websites filled with confusing insurance lingo, Insurance Panda provides basic information about each company. You can make an informed decision on your insurance comparison, but you don’t need to have deep experience in the insurance industry to understand what you’re reading. You get clear, easy-to-understand information about each car insurance company’s unique pros and cons. 

Since 2011, Insurance Panda has helped drivers across America save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance. What are you waiting for? Get started in seconds online today by visiting InsurancePanda.com. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


4 Tips for Dealing with Car Insurance While You Move

There’s no way around it: moving to a new state or city is a hassle. Car insurance is one of many things you need to worry about during a move.

What’s the best way to deal with car insurance while you move? Here are 4 tips that will make your move more manageable:

Contact your current insurance provider and tell them that you’re moving. If you’re with a nationwide provider, then they might be able to seamlessly transfer you to that company’s office in your new state. If you’re with a smaller, local provider, then you might not be able to transfer your policy to a new state. Regardless of your options, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to make sure you understand how long you’re covered in your new state.

Use a car insurance comparison website like Insurance Panda to check prices in your new city. Different states have different prices for insurance. Even within the same state, drivers can pay significantly different prices. It doesn’t cost anything to check insurance prices online. Type your ZIP code into the top of InsurancePanda.com for easy, no-cost car insurance quote comparisons

Get insured, registered, and get new plates. Once you’ve compared car insurance policies online, pick a provider that works for you. You’ll need to register your car in that state and get new license plates. Take your new car insurance information with you to the DMV. You’ll need it during the vehicle registration process.

Cancel your old insurance policy. Some people let their old insurance policy run out when they move to a new state. Others cancel their policy to get a small refund. Contact your insurance company to see your options. Sometimes, insurance companies provide a full refund if you cancel before the scheduled renewal date. In other cases, insurance companies might charge high cancelation fees and other hidden costs to cancel. 

Follow the tips above to easily move your car insurance to any new state!

April 22 2018

Check Auto Insurance Prices Instantly Using Insurance Panda

The internet’s new favorite insurance comparison website is called Insurance Panda. Found online at InsurancePanda.com, the uniquely-named website offers no-nonsense quotes on car insurance providers in your local area.

Whether you’re interested in a nationwide insurance company, a smaller local provider, or anyone in between, you can rest assured that Insurance Panda will find the perfect quote for your unique needs. And, all you need to do to get started is enter your ZIP code.

After entering your ZIP code, you’ll see a selection of quotes from popular auto insurance companies serving your neighborhood. You don’t need to enter any personal identifiable information to get started.

Check insurance prices online today in seconds with help from InsurancePanda.com. Or, if you’re just looking for straightforward insurance information online, then that’s okay too! The website offers a hub of insurance information that explains everything you need to know about vehicle insurance. What’s the cheapest type of car insurance you can buy? Are cars or trucks cheaper to insure? Why do people in Louisiana pay so much for car insurance? At Insurance Panda, you can have all your questions answered.

Start your search for cheaper car insurance today by visiting InsurancePanda.com online. Enter your ZIP code to start comparison shopping top insurance providers in your area. Founded in 2011, Insurance Panda has helped thousands of Americans pay discounted rates on vehicle insurance. Some people use Insurance Panda to find the cheapest legally-available insurance in their area. Others use Insurance Panda to shop for comprehensive insurance policies with all of the bells and whistles. Whatever type of insurance you’re looking for, Insurance Panda gives you peace of mind that you’re buying insurance at a fair price.

Check insurance prices today in all 50 states at InsurancePanda.com. Your journey to cheaper car insurance is just a few clicks away.

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