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4 Tips for Dealing with Car Insurance While You Move

There’s no way around it: moving to a new state or city is a hassle. Car insurance is one of many things you need to worry about during a move.

What’s the best way to deal with car insurance while you move? Here are 4 tips that will make your move more manageable:

Contact your current insurance provider and tell them that you’re moving. If you’re with a nationwide provider, then they might be able to seamlessly transfer you to that company’s office in your new state. If you’re with a smaller, local provider, then you might not be able to transfer your policy to a new state. Regardless of your options, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to make sure you understand how long you’re covered in your new state.

Use a car insurance comparison website like Insurance Panda to check prices in your new city. Different states have different prices for insurance. Even within the same state, drivers can pay significantly different prices. It doesn’t cost anything to check insurance prices online. Type your ZIP code into the top of InsurancePanda.com for easy, no-cost car insurance quote comparisons

Get insured, registered, and get new plates. Once you’ve compared car insurance policies online, pick a provider that works for you. You’ll need to register your car in that state and get new license plates. Take your new car insurance information with you to the DMV. You’ll need it during the vehicle registration process.

Cancel your old insurance policy. Some people let their old insurance policy run out when they move to a new state. Others cancel their policy to get a small refund. Contact your insurance company to see your options. Sometimes, insurance companies provide a full refund if you cancel before the scheduled renewal date. In other cases, insurance companies might charge high cancelation fees and other hidden costs to cancel. 

Follow the tips above to easily move your car insurance to any new state!

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