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May 26 2018


The Main Types of Coverage Every Driver Should Know for Auto Insurance

Car insurance is not just a throw away expense. It is an important financial protection. Before you buy, you should understand what you need and if your policy is going to provide it. Luckily, there is all the information you need online for you to make an informed choice. The starting point is for you to understand the main types of coverage every driver should know for car insurance. 

Liability Car Insurance Coverage

To begin with, you need to understand liability auto insurance. Virtually all states require some level of liability coverage for registered vehicles. Liability insurance pays out if are held responsible for bodily injury or personal property damage. It doesn't provide any coverage for your vehicle; it pays out to those who have suffered a loss due to your negligence with your vehicle. Your liability coverage will have monetary limits for bodily injury per person per accident, total bodily injury per accident and total property damage per accident.

Collision Car Insurance Coverage

Collision car insurance provides coverage for your vehicle if you are involved in an auto accident. If you are at fault, the policy will pay for your vehicle's damages up to the amount listed on the policy. If another driver is at fault, their liability coverage will pay for your damages and medical expenses. If you still have a loan for the vehicle, this coverage will be required by your lender. If have an expensive vehicle that is paid for, this is an element of coverage you will want. Collision coverage will have a deductible for each claim, which will have to be met before the policy begins paying out benefits.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive car insurance also pays for damages to your vehicle, but for different reasons. If someone vandalizes your vehicle, steals your car, if the vehicle catches fire, an object falls on your car or a number of other damages that occur outside of an auto accident, this coverage will kick in. As with collision coverage, it will be required by a lender and is recommended for expensive vehicles. Comprehensive car coverage will also have a deductible that must be met. Of course, you can raise or lower that deductible. Ranges are generally 0 to $1,500. The higher the deductible, the less you will pay for the coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Car Insurance Coverage

Some states require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as a part of their minimum auto insurance requirements. This type of coverage will protect you if you are involved in an accident where the person at fault either has no insurance or his/her insurance can't pay for the entirety of your damages. Similar to liability coverage it will include a level of coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

Auto Insurance Quotes for the Best Rates on the Coverage You Need

To find the best rates on the insurance coverage you require, you will want to take advantage of the cost savings you can get from online car insurance quotes. Rates from company to company can very drastically even for the exact same level of coverage, so shopping around to find the best rates can save you hundreds. Over the life of your vehicle, this can mean thousands in savings. 

May 16 2018


Comparing Auto Insurance Rates - Who Has The Best Deals?

Before you settle for a particular car insurance policy, you should compare policies along with the prices of the various different car insurance companies. Car insurance is mandatory in all states since it ensures protection on the road. The insurance industry is very competitive - the companies are always trying to attract new customers using various ways. However, it depends upon your needs to which policy will suit you the best.

How to get the best deal on motor vehicle insurance? 

To get the best deal, you need to compare automobile insurances of the various companies. What you have to do is gather as many quotes possible from the different companies then make a comparison between them. The comparison will help you to understand how different car insurance companies provide different premiums for the same coverage. 

Most car insurance companies would ask for details like name, zip code and a few more details about the car and your driving record. When you are making comparison between policies, you must look out whether the companies are offering incentives or not. Do not forget to compare the risk coverage (high, standard, non-standard, etc.) and prices as well. 

Here are some tips that would help you to make automobile insurance comparison easy: 

Understanding your car insurance needs 

The first and foremost tip to be considered is why you need ca rinsurance coverage. This will be followed by what kind of policy you need, or what will the cover will be. The choice of policy will also depend on reasons like new or experienced driver, incidents like fire, burglary, roadside assistance, as well as many others. 

Picking the right Insurance company 

Your choice of insurance company should depend on its history of credit and record of claims repayment. You must also look for the customer service features provided like call center, payment facilities, and network of agents. 

Car insurance comparisons should be made to choose the policy that will cover most of your risks at the minimum costs. The other important thing that you will look for is the added advantages provided, without any increase in the price.
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April 23 2018


Compare Car Insurance Prices for Free Today at InsurancePanda.com

InsurancePanda.com is America’s new favorite way to compare auto insurance quotes online. Available at no-cost, the website provides easy-to-understand insurance quote comparisons. Just enter your ZIP code into the website and within seconds you’ll be viewing the best quotes offered by top auto insurance companies in your local area.

Whether you just moved to a new state, you’re buying car insurance for the first time, or you’re checking the latest prices on car insurance, you can depend on InsurancePanda.com to offer no-nonsense rate comparisons. Thanks to Insurance Panda, checking prices online has never been easier.

Insurance Panda gets its name because it makes car insurance easy: the website makes insurance comparisons so easy – they’re black and white. Even a panda could use InsurancePanda.com to check prices on car insurance.

There are plenty of car insurance websites available online today. However, Insurance Panda differentiates itself from the competition with its ease of use and lack of bias: Insurance Panda will provide quotes from small and large car insurance companies in your area. Instead of pushing you to choose one specific company, you can choose whatever company meets your needs best. Insurance Panda is also ridiculously easy to use: unlike other websites filled with confusing insurance lingo, Insurance Panda provides basic information about each company. You can make an informed decision on your insurance comparison, but you don’t need to have deep experience in the insurance industry to understand what you’re reading. You get clear, easy-to-understand information about each car insurance company’s unique pros and cons. 

Since 2011, Insurance Panda has helped drivers across America save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance. What are you waiting for? Get started in seconds online today by visiting InsurancePanda.com. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


4 Tips for Dealing with Car Insurance While You Move

There’s no way around it: moving to a new state or city is a hassle. Car insurance is one of many things you need to worry about during a move.

What’s the best way to deal with car insurance while you move? Here are 4 tips that will make your move more manageable:

Contact your current insurance provider and tell them that you’re moving. If you’re with a nationwide provider, then they might be able to seamlessly transfer you to that company’s office in your new state. If you’re with a smaller, local provider, then you might not be able to transfer your policy to a new state. Regardless of your options, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to make sure you understand how long you’re covered in your new state.

Use a car insurance comparison website like Insurance Panda to check prices in your new city. Different states have different prices for insurance. Even within the same state, drivers can pay significantly different prices. It doesn’t cost anything to check insurance prices online. Type your ZIP code into the top of InsurancePanda.com for easy, no-cost car insurance quote comparisons

Get insured, registered, and get new plates. Once you’ve compared car insurance policies online, pick a provider that works for you. You’ll need to register your car in that state and get new license plates. Take your new car insurance information with you to the DMV. You’ll need it during the vehicle registration process.

Cancel your old insurance policy. Some people let their old insurance policy run out when they move to a new state. Others cancel their policy to get a small refund. Contact your insurance company to see your options. Sometimes, insurance companies provide a full refund if you cancel before the scheduled renewal date. In other cases, insurance companies might charge high cancelation fees and other hidden costs to cancel. 

Follow the tips above to easily move your car insurance to any new state!

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